Grit, it provides the grit to easily wander off to many places, such as Williamsport, PA. Grit Magazine was founded by the son of German immigrants who moved to Williamsport in the 1870’s. After his father died he quit school at 13 and went to work for a German language newspaper and the rest is history. Rural issues and values reportage brought out by Grit had circulation booming in the 30’s and 40’s and is still publishing today under a new regime. Then there is True Grit with John Wayne, what more need I say.

But Mark, I assume you want the grit of adversity and desperation that gets people to climb out of their misery and advance in life or business to riches and or  fame, if that is your thing. The numbers  of those people are legion scurrying about working, working, working, always hyper busy at something that will advance them toward their goal. It all seems so deadening and a waste of a life to be always spending yours to advance others so that the vacuum they create will pull you onward and upward. What a drag.

Personally, you might say it took grit to escape the male gender on my old birth certificate to the new female gender on my new birth certificate. Thank you New York State and whatever administration fostered this, might have been Spitzer or Patterson  or even a Cuomo. But all that grit talk  sounds so masculine and has really nothing to do with it. Gender reassignment surgery was a long and difficult journey with gatekeepers at every turn. Do you really want this? Well lets set up a new gate. Make you wait and contemplate suicide while the new gate demands more subservience to the  psychologist gods of passage.  On January 28, 2014 the final gate flew open and the junk no longer swung, it was all pushed inside and I reached a new plateau that lays out smoothly to the horizon.

Finally, there is Bela Marie Lugosi, you see her up top. She has the grit to keep up with me and to wait patiently as I while away my life at the computer or on other  sedentary foolishness. What she really wants me to do is for me to throw her ball over and over, now that takes grit for both of us.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the Grit info.




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