The Scientific Method

We did this in the last class and I am still amazed at the “Awesome Drink Energy Juice”(ADEJ) in question one. Well, to start with the manager is engaged in non-ethical behavior when he decided that speed was the way to build cars faster and that it was  an easy path to additional riches on the backs of the serfs. The plan was simple give ADEJ to one assembly line crew and give a look alike juice to the other assembly line crew and see what happens. Needless to say, the boss was dismissed rather quickly by the the home office when this incredulous plan reached home. But back at the plant the test and the plant were in chaos when the county sheriff’s deputies arrived and stated that the ADEJ was an illegal substance and that it was being confiscated. The group who got the ADEJ became the independent variable in the lawsuit filed by the UAW on behalf of the plant’s workers as the other workers who got the placebo became the dependent variable to determine if the drug had deleterious effects on the workers. The various suits were settled and all the workers had an excellent down payment on a new boat. In addition, management agreed not to use any chemical  stimuli in the future.


RE: Circling a Star…, by K. Chang, NYT 2/23/17.

After a long and intense search scientists have found a star, like Sol, that has a number of planets, like Earth, that are at at an approximate distance from that sun to possibly have evolved life as we might know it.

As always transgender issues arise. I am ready to slip across the border and head south to safety.


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