The Scientific Method

We did this in the last class and I am still amazed at the “Awesome Drink Energy Juice”(ADEJ) in question one. Well, to start with the manager is engaged in non-ethical behavior when he decided that speed was the way to build cars faster and that it was  an easy path to additional riches on the backs of the serfs. The plan was simple give ADEJ to one assembly line crew and give a look alike juice to the other assembly line crew and see what happens. Needless to say, the boss was dismissed rather quickly by the the home office when this incredulous plan reached home. But back at the plant the test and the plant were in chaos when the county sheriff’s deputies arrived and stated that the ADEJ was an illegal substance and that it was being confiscated. The group who got the ADEJ became the independent variable in the lawsuit filed by the UAW on behalf of the plant’s workers as the other workers who got the placebo became the dependent variable to determine if the drug had deleterious effects on the workers. The various suits were settled and all the workers had an excellent down payment on a new boat. In addition, management agreed not to use any chemical  stimuli in the future.


RE: Circling a Star…, by K. Chang, NYT 2/23/17.

After a long and intense search scientists have found a star, like Sol, that has a number of planets, like Earth, that are at at an approximate distance from that sun to possibly have evolved life as we might know it.

As always transgender issues arise. I am ready to slip across the border and head south to safety.


Back to the Forty Acres

A second run at this topic, let us see what turns up. There is no document among my papers that describes this essay. So by memory, I have to primarily utilize the scientific method on Joe’s 40 acres. As the title notes this essay will have to build on a previous essay about these same 40 acres that underwent the scientific method on a question of I believe on the types of tillage and which if any reduced run off erosion. Joe in his then recent retirement went overboard and created a massive experiment of many additional participants in a massive soil test in which all of the participants uploaded their individual data to a server and Joe did the analysis and reportage of the data that was declared inconclusive by the farmers union. He was so busy with the analysis that his 40 acres went fallow and the acreage later became infested with multi-flora rose that spread all over the lot. Said infestation was inadvertently wrought by a carload from Pennsylvania that had mud with rose seeds mixed in underneath the car. The seeds and mud somehow fell onto Jack’s ground and the rest is history. Jack finally went back to his acreage and the pestilent rose that had taken over proved to be nearly impossible to eradicate. Oh by the way, Joe’s ground is in eastern Colorado and would be an excellent spot for a marijuana farm  and retail outlet that would promptly catch the people crossing the border from Nebraska.

Joe wanted the lot clean and ready for cash crop farming but the multi-flora is resilient and requires harsh treatment to eradicate; The County Agent from the Agriculture Dept. suggested that he test a variety of methods to eventually totally  kill it off without harming the soil with an infusion of chemicals that would despoil the new crop before it was even planted. Joe was left with manual eradication, so he chose to test fire, plowing it under and hiring a large crew of migrant workers to clean it out by hand. To test his hypothesis Joe selected three 1 acre plots in separate locations to see if one of the three independent variables fire, plow or manual labor would produce the dependent qualitative variable of ground clear enough to plant the marijuana crop. At the first lot Joe employed workers with flame throwers as it were to destroy the plants above ground and burn out the roots too, a second lot was overrun by massive tractors towing huge plows that tore apart the surface of the lot along with the roses thereon, the third was attacked by a large crew with basically hand tools to defeat the roses. The remaining acreage became the control  group as it was left alone without treatment. The three lots were worked over in late winter and spring soon arrived to judge the results of the three groups work on their respective lots. The sun and rain did their best to coax out new growth, plowing was a quick failure as the lot quickly started to regrow the weed, fire was somewhat better but some of the roots remained alive to send up new shoots and the third lots crew had the best results but progress was very slow and the work extremely tedious. The control group ran rampant with new growth. A new test was initiated with two one acre lots and the control group, in one lot the fire crew came through and was followed by the migrant workers who worked at clearing up any live growth and the second lot was plowed over and then the migrants came through and cleaned up. The data showed that any one method was insufficient to clear the land but the two methods in succession worked better with plowing first the eventual winner. The 40 acres were plowed over and crews came after and finished the land clearing by winter. The results were posted when Joe put up signs advertising his excellent crop and the westbound travelers flocked to his quality buds and they tasted freedom. Oh, and be kind to your favorite tranny they  need it and deserve it, please.

The Dog Heist

This is only speculative fiction. The dogs never happened. We finally made the big move into town, the place has a great chain link fence around the backyard. The children love it. Anyway, the house being a duplex, there is a mirror of our fence, within that side are four dogs.From a Chihuahua to a Doberman, the smaller the dog the better fed it seemed. But this is about the Dobie, we called him Boyfriend as we never knew his name. Boyfriend was at the bottom of the pecking order and unfortunately he only got the scraps and leavings of the other three. A finer or friendlier dog you could not find; Boyfriend was skin and bones, the sun left shadows along his ribs and his spine was just as bad. I presume that this caused him to have leg and foot problems as he was almost always standing and when he got up from lying down he was obviously in pain as he got his four legs in position to hold himself up. The saddest part really was that he wanted to run with our dogs, but the fence and his pain only allowed him longing looks and a sad whine of disappointment.

To softer hearts this was untenable, a positive phone call turned into a plan to save Boyfriend and give him a new home with safety and happiness assured. It was a simple plan, in broad daylight, a dog heist. The car was started and put it in place on the street, the passenger door was open and the seat back pulled forward. The engine was running and the transmission in gear, ready to speed away from the scene of the crime. The other culprit  had the dangerous job; they took a leash through the unlocked gate, hooked up Boyfriend and he was spirited  away to the car and a safe new future.

A friend knew of someone who was looking for a replacement for their stolen Doberman, but the friend immediately fell in love with him and decided that Boyfriend had found a home with the friend and their dog. The starving pooch ate three bowls of food and two bones before settling down for a nap. A chance call to a friend in Dog Enforcement found Boyfriend moving along again. First to the dog impound and then quickly moved on to someone trained in mistreated dog recovery; Boyfriend was finally on the way to a secure future.

Life quickly got ugly for the dog’s owners, the sheriff’s office hit them with multiple charges of dog abuse that led to substantial fines and other sanctions. All of this ultimately led them to move away from the scene of the crime and give the true criminals, the dog heister’s, safety from prosecution and the need to continue to fain ignorance of the crime in the future. As upon return to the house right after the heist, one of the neighbors came over to ask if we had seen the dog, as it was missing. The response to that question was as bold as brass and false. “I was out most of the day and I have not seen anything. Sorry.” Nothing  more shall be said of “The Dog Heist”.


Opening Remarks

Are we still indenting paragraphs on our own. Will they read your blog if you do not indent? A poser from phone-land, not someone we generally associate with and god, worse yet, she’s a tranny. Yes, that is all me and I am ready to publish, let’s call it speculative fiction. Truth is what you make of it to get them to believe it, the timeline flows on and everything quickly becomes the past anyway, so I am working on a short story tentatively titled “The Dog Heist” that should be out soon. until then love Mitzy.