Collateral Damage

Collateral damage(CD)  has taken on “the cloak of invisibility”and the results are totally diametric to how Beedle The Bard described the third brother in “The Tale of the Three Brothers”. As J.K. Rowling envisioned the cloak once the third brother had bamboozled it from  the  devil: the cloak would only be used for good. When the third brother arrived home he was totally invisible to the devil and he lived his life quietly until it was time to die. He passed on the cloak and called on the devil and they went away together as friends.

Today in the real world of the 21st century CD has done a back-flip and is now being used to coverup the most of heinous of crimes. That is that the western military, read U.S. here, has been killing large numbers of civilians  in the fight against terrorism and ISIS and hiding them under their own cloak and are calling it (CD). Airstrikes and cannon fire are blunt weapons and when the opposition is using  the local population as a shield they are sure to die. If that were not bad enough we now learn from Russian Propagandist,  RT Television (Dish channel 280) that the U.S. was using spent uranium shells in some of these airstrikes and the civilians will take the brunt of this for generations. Mosul in 2004 was hit with depleted uranium and malignancy is rampant.

Killing for money is possibly the lowest of the low but to big corporate America it is only a matter of making money, huge amounts of money, all given to them by the president, congress, state dept. and defense dept. The citizens readily foot the bill as when have we been without war or defense spending in my lifetime which started way back in 1949. Seriously, there has not been a war of necessity for the U.S. since possibly the civil war or the revolution. At least as far as I know the people being freed were not CD or that King George would have let us go our own way without protest which makes a large difference in the use of state sponsored violence as an alternative to diplomacy. George Washington knew better he guided us out of that war and into a republic that we then lost to the middling sorts who believe primarily in profit for themselves and the show goes on.